How To DIY Your Wedding Invitations


Planning your wedding is a long process with lots to remember! Most of all though, it’s super fun and a great way to express your creativity. Most couples worry about money when it comes to their big day. The invoices and quotes are always more than you expect. As a young couple, you might find yourself on a tight budget with limited spending options. If that’s the case, you need to find those areas where you can cut down the costs. Your invitations are just one such place to slim down the wedding budget!

By making the invitations yourself, you can cut hundreds from the overall cost. It’s a little more work, but it’s also a lot of fun. You can get creative with the designs and match the invitations to your colour scheme. DIYing your wedding invitations is an amazing way to make the big day a little more special. Many of your guests will keep the invitation as a memento of the day. The more unique, the better! Here’s how to DIY your wedding invitations and add your style to the big day.

Look for inspiration

First of all, it’s good to see what’s out there already. Thankfully, there are thousands of wedding blogs and photos out there. When it comes to wedding inspiration, Pinterest is probably the best platform on the internet. With thousands of images, scrapbooks, and ideas, you’re bound to find an idea you love. Alternatively, you could search for premade wedding invitation designs. Many come with templates that you can simply print out.

Start sketching

Before you start buying materials and making collages, sketch your ideas on paper. Jot down a rough layout and plan the ideas. Remember, there’s a lot of information to get down (we’ll come to that next). You need to balance the wording with the design. It might take a few sketches to get it right.

Choose the wording

Married couples often tell us that wording the invitation was one of the trickiest parts of the whole wedding! Naturally, you’ve got to include the essentials: date, time, place etc. But, you also need to choose the perfect wording when asking for gifts. Some couples now like to choose a poem too. Some prefer the traditional third-person approach, while others opt for a less formal, first-person style. It’s up to you here!

Buy the card and materials

Remember, if you’re DIYing the invitations, you’re probably looking to keep costs down. With that in mind, choose your card and materials wisely. Find your local craft shop and stock up on all the essentials. It’s best to avoid glossy card and stick to simple, elegant colours.

Design and printing

You can either hand-write the invitations or design them on a computer. If you’re a whizz with Photoshop or design software, you can get really creative here. But, you will have to consider the printing costs. It’s always best to get this done professionally. If you’re hand-writing, use your imagination and get creative!

That’s all there is to it! Get it right, and you’ll create unique, beautiful invitations for your special day.

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